For the future of Youth: Project “Youth of Today – Carriers of Change Tomorrow” finished

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Vanja Udovičić, awarded certificates to the participants of the workshops organized within the project “Youth of Today – Carriers of Change Tomorrow”, marking the end of the project. During the past 18 months workshops attended by more than 200 young people between 16 and 26 years of age were held in seven cities and municipalities across Serbia. The purpose of workshops was to provide young people with an access to knowledge, techniques and skills required by the labour market.

The main goal of the project, worth more than 98 thousand EUR, was to provide support to young people in Serbia to work, find employment and stay in the country, through improvement of personal and professional capacities. The project is part of the grant scheme “EU Support to Active Youth Inclusion” worth 4.7 million euros, funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

“The Government of the Republic of Serbia recognizes the importance of investing in young people who with their energy and ideas contribute to faster progress of Serbia. By acquiring new knowledge and skills, young people influence not only their own future but the future of all of us, because they are our motivational and driving force. Serbia has educated, ambitious and hard-working young people, ready to face all challenges, and we will continue to listen to their needs, invest in their future and ensure that their dreams come true, here in our Serbia,” Minister Vanja Udovičić noted.

Marija Najdanović, a representative of the Public Policy Institute, who implemented this project with a partner organization, School of New Visions in Education, also addressed the audience emphasizing that the project team established the Youth Resource Center in Novi Sad and the Platform “I want to work” through which implementation of similar activities will continue. The Center provides employment assistance to young people through career counseling services, organization of training, seminars and workshops, while on the website “I want to work”  young people can find guidelines and answers to numerous questions and relevant topics from the world of work.