LOT 1: 12 projects

  1. Regional Development Agency “Branicevo-Podunavlje” Ltd Pozarevac and Youth of JAZAS Pozarevac
    Project: “Regional partnership for Rural Youth employment”
    Overall objective: Increased employment of youth in Branicevo-Podunavlje region (151,594.00 EUR)

  2. City Municipality of Stari Grad, Faculty of Management Sremski Karlovci and European Youth Organization
    Project: “Turnover“ Youth Educational Center”
    Overall objective: Promoting sustainable employment of youth and NEET through improvement of education and social protection (156,720.00 EUR)


  3. Association Limitless and Forum of young with disability Serbia
    Project: “Social enterprises for youth potentials development”
    Overall objective
    : To increase the involvement of young people in social entrepreneurship (208,004.79 EUR)


  4. Junior Achievement Serbia JAS, Western Balkans Institute (WEBIN), Municipality of Raska, and Municipality of Svrljig
    Project: “Modeling Alternative Toolbox and Conditions for Hiring In-Need Generations”
    Overall objective: To increase employability of vulnerable youth groups including NEET, long-term unemployed and disadvantaged unemployed youth in Svrljig and Raska (213,467.14 EUR)


  5. Citizens Association SERBIA FOR YOUTH and Municipality of Negotin
    Project: “Youth in Tourism industry”
    Overall objective
    : To increase possibilities for inter-sectoral cooperation with the aim of development of tailor-made educational activities and other innovative services addressed to sustainable youth employability (200,100.00 EUR)


  6. Citizens Association Leader+ Banatski Karlovac and Proximo Belgrade
    Project: “Speak Up for Your Job – Increasing Youth Employability Through Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Foreign Language Practice Approach”
    Overall objective: Increasing youth employability through boosting foreign language skills (216,749.90 EUR)


  7. Citizens Association Institute for Progress and Collaboration of the Western Balkans Regions, City Municipality of Savski Venac and Citizens Association Aarhus Center of South & East Serbia
    Project: “NevoKumpania” – social business model for youth for inclusive and integrated waste management development”
    Overall objective
    : Contribute to deployment of social innovations for Roma youth informal waste collectors by implementing the principle of cross-sectoral circular economy in a youth social – enterprise format (219,553.30 EUR)


  8. Youth Club Novi Pazar and Youth agronomy association Belgrade
    Project: “Agriculture Gets Ready to Innovate (AGRI): Towards a Sustainable Support System for Young People in Agriculture in Serbia”
    Overall objective: Contribute to employability and employment of young people interested in agriculture in rural areas of Serbia (97,236.25 EUR)


  9. Public Policy Institute and School of New Visions in Education
    Project: “Youth of Today – Carriers of Change Tomorrow”
    Overall objective
    : Build capacities of young people in geographically marginalized areas of Serbia to enter labour market through non-formal education and innovative methodology, to introduce them to potential employers, teach them skills for self-employability and to create a sustainable recruiting database of young professional for potential employers (98,029.12 EUR)


  10. Kucevo municipality, University of Belgrade-Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Cooperative “Soare” Neresnica and Citizens association “Steps of heritage”
    Project: “Young Farmers for Kucevo Future”
    Overall objective: Contribute to socio-economic development of Kucevo municipality and Branicevo region through increased employment of disadvantaged youth (223,708.80 EUR)


  11. Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, National Youth Council of Serbia, citizens association “Empiria” and National Association of Youth Workers – NAPOR
    Project: “OUR COMMUNITY, OUR FUTURE – Toward greater cooperation and youth employability”
    Overall objective
    : To improve long-term employability of NEET youth and promote sustainable cross-sectoral cooperation at the local level, towards an inclusive community based entrepreneurial mechanisms (226,261.11 EUR)


  12. The Municipality of Bac, Municipality of BackiPetrovac and NGO Biznisnova – Center for proactive business
    Project: “Encouraging the employment of youth in Danube region of south Backa”
    Overall objective: Improving position of young people and creating conditions for their employment and self-employment in Danube region in south Backa with the focus on youth from rural areas (179,354.05 EUR)