LOT 2: 12 projects

  1. Caritas Sabac, C.O.S.M. Consorzio Operativo Salute-Mentale S.C.S. and Municipality of Bogatic
    Project: “Social entrepreneurship as a tool for fighting social exclusion and poverty”
    Overall objective: Increase employment opportunities for vulnerable people, fostering social economy sector and contribute to economy and social awareness at the more general level (205,555.24 EUR)

  2. Mental Disability Rights Initiative MDRI-S and Association supporting persons with developmental disabilities “Nasa Kuca”
    Project: “Equality before the law as a precondition for employment of persons with disabilities – EQUALIZER”
    Overall objective: Progressive improvement of laws, policies and practices that restrict the right to be equal before the law and prohibit employment for persons with disabilities and social stigma challenges (102,345.50 EUR)


  3. Youth with Disabilities Forum, National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia and Employment Agency of Montenegro
    Project: “Pathway to inclusive Labour market”
    Overall objective
    : To increase employability and employment opportunities for long-term unemployed persons with disabilities, by designing and implementing the tailor-made packages of measures, supporting active inclusion at the labour market (199,920.00 EUR)


  4. Public Administration and Local Government Center PALGO Center and NBI Research Center for Humanities and Art
    Project: “New Emancipation Model for Sustainable Roma Community”
    Overall objective: To create and introduce a new model of emancipation of Roma population that will enable them to improve their status in the fields of education, economic empowerment, hosing, protection of the environment, culture, gender equality, health and social protection, which will contribute to the creation of preconditions for establishing a sustainable neighbourhood through better and more inclusive life of Roma communities in Serbia (99,700.20 EUR)


  5. Centre for foster care and adoption Kragujevac, Business Development Center Kragujevac, and Let’s Do It Together Association
    Project: “Inter-sector safety net for active inclusion of youth in foster care”
    Overall objective
    : Contribute to increased active inclusion and employment of youth in foster care in Serbia, and to implementation of the Employment and Social Reform Programme in Serbia as well (143,606.07 EUR)


  6. Organization of People with Disabilities of Kuršumlija and Municipality of Kuršumlija
    Project: “Activate for more opportunities!”
    Overall objective: Increased employability and social inclusion of unemployed persons with disabilities through active inclusion models (98,862.16 EUR)


  7. CRID Inclusive Society Development Center and Center for inclusion, innovation and integration – In Center
    Project: “Support to employment of vulnerable groups through social entrepreneurship”
    Overall objective
    : To contribute to the strengthening of social inclusion, economy and employment for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Serbia (184,990.00 EUR)


  8. Youth Council Krusevac and Correctional Home for Juveniles Krusevac
    Project: “Support to juvenile offenders to reintegrate into society and Labour market”
    Overall objective: 1. Contribution to active inclusion of disadvantaged groups; 2 Contribution to national employment measures in Serbia (99,990.73 EUR)


  9. Center for Social Policy Belgrade, Women’s center Uzice, Municipality of Priboj and Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
    Project: “Jobs, Opportunities, Businesses, Support – JOBS”
    Overall objective
    : Contribute to the enhanced employability of disadvantaged groups of women, predominantly social welfare beneficiaries, through the implementation of the ESRP measures for women (143,711.70 EUR)


  10. NGO “Child’s Heart” and Home for mentally disabled “Srce u Jabuci”
    Project: “Step by step – capacity building of work competencies and skills of persons with developmental disorders”
    Overall objective: To improve social environment for better conditions for employment of vulnerable groups and decrease level of their segregation (211,132.85 EUR)


  11. OPEN CLUB Nis and Association for Development of Creativity
    Project: “Employment support package”
    Overall objective
    : To encourage economic development of Serbia through increased employment with the application of appropriate programs and strategies (199,794.00 EUR)


  12. Municipality of Gadzin Han and Proactive
    Project: “It’s never too late for Start-up”
    Overall objective: Enhance employability of long-term unemployed through the creation of a permanent service start-upcenter as an accelerator programme focusing on skill building and entrepreneurship for people with perspective business ideas (188,827.20 EUR)