Project “Youth in Tourism Industry” for better employment of youth in Tourism Industry

Negotin, 15 August, 2019

Today, in the Municipality of Negotin, Citizens Association “Serbia for Youth” and Municipality of Negotin implemented opening press conference for the “Youth in Tourism Industry” project. Vladimir Veličković, President of Municipality Negotin and Petar Slavković, President of Association “Serbia 4 Youth” welcomed the guests, and underlined the importance of the project to the youth in Serbia, and for the Regional strategies.

This activity is part of the project “European Union Support to Active Youth Inclusion”, total value of which is EUR 4.7 million, financed by the EU (IPA 2014) and co-funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia

The significance of the project is in providing training and workshops for unemployed youth, people with disabilities and Roma population. The goal is to provide better employment in Tourism Industry, and stronger individual ability for business startup.

Project team announced planning of “Info Days”, where better insight into the project activities can be acquired, along with active project participation. The project called for active networking, and information sharing via social media and internet.

The “European Union Support to Active Youth Inclusion” project, total value of which is EUR 4.7 million, financed by the EU (IPA 2014) and co-funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, aims to ensure greater social inclusion of youth population in Serbia by increasing of employment, youth activity, work experience and entrepreneurship practice among youth population. Through the project the EU and Government of Serbia has granted 24 grants, which will be implemented in more than 35 cities and municipalities in Serbia by the end of 2021. The projects implemented by the national and provincial social welfare institutions, municipalities and cities, citizens associations, foundations and educational institutions will increase the scope and quality of services at the local level in education and employment, innovative practice, active inclusion mechanisms and models and thereby strengthen the social inclusion of youth. The impact and tangible outcomes of the project are expected at all levels concerning the overall readiness and increased capacities of relevant institutions for the innovative development and management of youth active inclusion measures, policy development in line with best EU practices, and effective use of related EU financial assistance.

The project is managed by the Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes (CFCU), while the main project institutional beneficiaries are the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs and Ministry of Youth and Sports

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